How BidKite Works

What is BidKite?

BidKite is a Pan-India group booking channel, which groups individual residential buyers based across India to avail discounts of upto 35%. BidKite has consolidated all residential projects of metros and sub-metros (including even the smallest residential project) for sales purpose. BidKite does not charge their customers anything but instead charges brokerage from the builders. BidKite USP is "customer empowerment" including tangible discounts, state-of-the-art services, single source for the residential primary market of the country, and advanced analytics

How does the customer benefit?

In the entire concept, customer benefits with absolutely no money to lose, no brokerage, no fees, better prices, better services, and better information/analytics of the real estate market.

What do the customers have to lose in this kind of concept?

The customers lose nothing. Our "buy together" concept works on a simple rule-"wholesale buying against retail buying." We use the buying power to negotiate with the builders to seek better rates for end-customers.



What services do you offer?

We offer end-to-end personalized support and services ranging from flat/project finalization to site visits to registration at no cost. We provide you pricing/budget matrix for every square meter of any city in the country. We provide you services including selection of the project, site visits, mapping your preferences and budget, mapping your preferred community, bookings, registration, payments, etc at no cost to you.

How will you help me buy a flat in my limited budget?

The very first understanding is we are offering "all" residential projects including the ones which are going to be announced in the next six months. So, you will have a super-set of projects (that matches your budget) to choose from. We produce a reverse report, in XY matrix-Budget vs. Distance and demonstrate to you the entire pricing grid, size grid, and budget grid inclusive of pre-launch offers. You get a birds eye view of the residential projects close to the location you want to settle in/buy the flat. All details including prices are regularly updated and its like "playing with an EXCEL sheet" to choose the right flat matching your budget. You can then go for site visits for multiple flats that match your budget and based on your feedback, we proceed for negotiations/bookings.

What is the stay-together concept?

If you wish to stay in a community belonging to your home town/region, speaking similar language, it will be an ideal situation for you. With so many buyers coming together, we offer "choose your neighbouring community. " You can select your preferred neighbouring community by home town, language, kid status, age group, socio-economic status, profession, etc.

I only have to buy "one flat" and I do not have a Group. Will I avail the discounts?

We are grouping individual buyers, such as you, assuming all the buyers wish to buy only one flat. However, we add other volumes to the buying power by including investors, HNIs, NRIs, corporate bookings. We have tied up with more than 10,000 brokers across India who in turn are routing their volumes through us to avail discounts for their end-customers.

Is this restricted to flats?

We assume that 90% of the residential projects comprise flats so our main focus is flats, however, we do cover all residential projects including single row houses, villas, etc catering to the primary residential market.


When do you offer large discounts?

We offer large discounts for buyers who are ready to wait longer, say 2-3 years, for possession. The options include pre-launch offers, which were earlier restricted to investor community and such offers are anywhere upto 20% less than their market price. While we are serving as a single point of contact for large buyer pool, builders/developers are more than willing to share such offers with buyers without having to market projects themselves.

How can you deliver on 35% discount?

This is based on the fact that a buyer pool on day one provides a group booking for say 40 flats which a builder/contractor has to construct and work right from seeking regulatory approvals to building-completion certificates. In such a scenario, the builder/contractor will not be funding the project instead buyers themselves will bring in that money. This is similar to "Interior Designers" who charge a flat 10% fee instead; here the charges will be like Rs.200 per sq feet for handling end-to-end development.

Huge discounts will come in the form of no cost of loading charged to end-customers, no parking charges, no garden maintenance charges, no terrace charges, etc. There is no cost of funds borne by the builder/contractor, no cost of marketing, no cost of risk in the project. All such benefits are passed onto the end-customers.

What are the charges for the services?

These services are free of any kind of charges.

What is prelaunch?

Prelaunch schemes are those schemes that have not been launched in the market but are accessible only to the investors. The prices are normally 20% lower than the market